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At SP Plumbing Solutions, we’re your trusted Braeswood Place plumber, dedicated to delivering top-notch plumbing services tailored to meet your needs. Serving the vibrant community of Braeswood, TX, we pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With our team of skilled technicians and advanced equipment, we tackle plumbing issues with precision and efficiency. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, count on us for all your plumbing needs in Braeswood Place.

About Braeswood, TX

Braeswood, TX, a vibrant community nestled in the heart of Houston, epitomizes a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. Boasting lush green spaces, top-notch schools, and diverse cultural amenities, Braeswood caters to families and professionals alike. This neighborhood’s charm lies in its tree-lined streets, fostering a sense of community and connection. 

Residents enjoy easy access to recreational facilities, shopping centers, and a rich culinary scene. With a strong commitment to education and safety, Braeswood stands as a sought-after haven for those seeking a well-rounded, welcoming environment. Experience the warmth and character of Braeswood, where city living harmonizes with suburban allure.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Services Includes:

SP Plumbing Solutions plumber working on water leak repair in Houston TX

Water Leak Repair

Don’t let a water leak wreak havoc on your property. Our skilled technicians are equipped to detect and repair leaks promptly, saving you from potential damage and costly repairs.

SP Plumbing Solutions plumber installing water heater replacement in Houston TX

Water Heater Replacements

Whether your water heater is malfunctioning or you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, our experts can help you select and install the perfect water heater to meet your needs.

SP Plumbing Solutions re-piping services in Houston TX

Repiping Services

Aging or corroded pipes can lead to numerous problems. Our repiping services ensure that your plumbing system remains reliable and efficient for years to come.

SP Plumbing Solutions conducting Pipe & Sewer Repairs for customer in Houston TX

Pipe & Sewer Repairs

From minor pipe repairs to sewer line replacements, our team has the expertise to tackle any plumbing issue, restoring proper function to your system.

SP Plumbing Solutions working on toilet repair and replacement project in Houston TX

Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilet problems can be a major inconvenience. Our technicians specialize in efficient toilet repairs and replacements, ensuring that your bathroom stays fully functional.

SP Plumbing Solutions working on Drain Repair and Cleaning in Houston

Drain Repair and Cleaning

Clogged drains can disrupt your daily routine. We offer professional drain cleaning and repair services to keep your drains flowing freely.

SP Plumbing Solutions plumber working on Dishwasher Hookup Replacements in Houston

Dishwasher Hookup Replacements

Installing a new dishwasher? Trust our experienced plumbers to handle the hookup with precision and care, ensuring proper function and avoiding potential leaks.

SP Plumbing Solutions plumber working on New Construction Plumbing in Houston

New Construction Plumbing

Building a new home or commercial property? Count on us for expert plumbing installations that meet your project’s specifications and requirements.

SP Plumbing Solutions working on New Plumbing Fixture Installations in Houston

New Fixture Installations

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen faucet or installing a new shower head, our team can handle all your fixture installation needs efficiently and affordably.

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Looking for a reliable Braeswood Place plumber? Look no further than SP Plumbing Solutions! We are your go-to plumbing experts in Braeswood, TX, dedicated to providing top-notch service for all your plumbing needs. From leaky faucets to sewer line repairs, our skilled team is equipped to handle it all with professionalism and efficiency. 

Don’t let plumbing issues disrupt your day – contact us at 281-727-6798 and let us take care of the rest. With SP Plumbing Solutions, you can trust that your plumbing is in good hands. Reach out today for prompt and reliable service!




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